Gabriele Raccagni

Age 19
Height (cm) 183
Weight (kg) 63


A native of Brescia, Gabriele came to the world of cycling also influenced by the hobby of a close relative. One of his grandfathers rode regularly, but he never aspired to be a professional cyclist. It was a recreational, funny and regular cycling. The young Raccagni (5 February 2003) was always drawn to the world of bicycles and eventually joined a cycling academy at the age of eight. “I liked bicycles. I used to see my grandfathers Francesco and Bruno out riding and it caught my attention. All of us at home have grown up with these references”, says the youngster from Collebeato. Raccagni makes the leap from the junior category to the U23 category with the Contador Foundation, but as a youth rider of Feralpi Monteclarense, under the orders of Tiziano Gozio, he has shown himself to be a cyclist with a good tactical sense of smell and a good top speed, always with great regularity and displaying great consistency throughout the course. “I consider myself a passista with a good top speed, a passista veloce. The flat is always good, but I can also adapt to a mixed race. I’m able to pass the climbs that are not very, very hard and I think that’s something I can improve a lot from now on”, he says. In her farewell race, the Trofeo Polisportiva of Camignone Di Passirano, over 121 km, she won brilliantly. Raccagni has three sisters (Veronica, Chiara and Marta) and he is third in the family order of finish. “I love cycling, I love cycling. I also like to follow Calcio, I’m a Bescia fan. And I like motor sports like Formula 1 and all those. Ferrari is always nice. And when it comes to video games and so on, I’m not particularly a gamer, although from time to time we do organise something online with our friends. And what about the future? “The main thing is to make it to the top level. To become a professional. And after that, it wouldn’t be bad to fight to win a great classic, a monument. Between Milano-Sanremo and Giro di Lombardia? I would choose Sanremo, I think it would be the best for my conditions”.


  • 2022
    • / La Popolarissima
    • / Stage 3 Vuelta a Salamanca
    • 11º / Coppa Caduti Nervianesi
  • 2021
    • / 27º Trofeo Polisportiva-Medaglia d’Oro G.Presti
    • / Trofeo Prati Stavili
    • / 31° Novara Suno – 8° Memorial Tosi
    • / 41° Piccola S. Geo – 26° Tr. G. Mara
    • / I Trofeo Rinaldo Sgotti E Scalvini Vincenzo A. M.
    • / 57° Trofeo Caduti E Dispersi Comune Passirano
    • / Trofeo Sagra di San Lorenzo
    • / Stage 4 XIX Giro del Friuli Venezia Giulia
    • / Trofeo Palio Diotto e Matteo Roma
    • / 30º Memorial A Franchini
    • / 18º Giro della Brianza - Memorial Germano Corbetta
    • / Stage 2 XIX Giro del Friuli Venezia Giulia
    • / IV Trofeo Città di Treviglio -Trofeo Elettromeccanica CDC
    • Trofeo Bigmat Maflan - Challenge Nazionale Bresciana Giancarlo Otelli
    • / VII Trofeo Ilario Roberti
    • / IV Trofeo Danilo Fiorina
    • / Stage 3 XIX Giro del Friuli Venezia Giulia

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