Davide Piganzoli, new Italian U23 ITT champion: “For an Italian rider it’s very exciting to wear the tricolour jersey”

News · 22 June, 2022

Tricolori a cronometro individuale
San Giovanni al Natisone – San Giovanni al Natisone (35,6 km ITT)

Davide Piganzoli, the recent best Italian rider in a final classification of the Giro U23 in which he finished tenth, continued his good form and exported it on Wednesday to the time trial in which the national title in the U23 category was at stake. A fabulous time trial by the rider from Morbegno, who won bronze in the event in 2021, in his first year in the category.

Piga, on a long and hard course, stopped the clock in 44’03”, five seconds better than Matteo Montefiori (#InEmiliaRomagna) who had set the best time at the intermediate point. Davide’s second part of the time trial was very consistent and he was able to make up the deficit. Third, 22 seconds behind, finished Bryan Olivo (Cycling Team Friuli).

Davide Piganzoli: “This is a very special victory. For an Italian rider it’s very exciting to wear the tricolour jersey. It’s a speciality that I like a lot, although I know that many people think I’m a climber. I like to climb mountains, but I’ve always liked to test myself against the clock. As a junior, I’ve already been on the podium in the time trial at the nationals and also in 2021, in my first year as an U23, I finished third in the discipline. The big doubt we had was to see how my body would respond after the Giro U23, because although I finished the race well, there was a lot of accumulated fatigue at the end. But I was in good shape. I’ve had a good rest these days, not much cycling, and it’s been good for me”.

Giusseppe De Maria, EOLO-KOMETA Cycling Team U23 coach: “Piga was very strong during the whole time trial. He rode very well during the 35 kilometres, the same distance as the pros. He has managed all the turns in an incredible way. We had studied all the turns well, but in practice he did them all perfectly”.

Dario Andriotto, director of the EOLO-KOMETA Cycling Team and Italian champion in 1997: “We were sure that this could be a good opportunity for Piganzoli, who is not only a great climber but also a very good time trialist when he is in good shape. As soon as he had recovered from the efforts of the Giro, we were convinced that he would do well because it was not an easy time trial. First of all because of the distance, which was quite long for the category. And also because of the route, with a climb in the final part that breaks the rhythm. In fact, it was in the second part of the time trial that Piga cemented his victory”.

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