Yago Segovia and the life of the gregarious: “The team is very focused on formation”

News · 9 April, 2020

There’s an unfair point to the record. The results overshadow the performances. Yago Segovia is a good example of this. The Asturian of the Kometa Xstra Cycling Team u23, second season in the team and also in the category, is a cyclist still in formation, but above all a hard worker. The effort invested in a partner is not media. But it is fundamental. And the sweat of Yago has also watered very good performances of the structure u23 of the Foundation Alberto Contador.

“It’s true that in 2019 I haven’t achieved, so to speak, any remarkable results; but I also think it was a very productive year for me. The development of the season shows that the team focuses a lot on the training of the riders. Sergio Garcia’s jump is the cherry on top of that consideration and should serve as an example of this idea. As a reinforcement”, says the rider from Oviedo.

“I started this season with a lot of enthusiasm, I was feeling good, but then the break came. We will see how everything goes, but even so I think it could be a good year to continue progressing as a cyclist. At the moment we have to focus on home, trying to lose as little form as possible, respecting the indications of the authorities and with the desire that everything is solved and can resume, when possible, the season”, continues Yago.

The Asturian continues with his university studies of Mechanical Engineering and his formative restlessness always makes him be ‘fussing’ at home with different vehicles or automatisms. “Now we have more free time to be able to intensify our studies at the same time as we train. These days I am assembling and dismantling an engine, nothing important, a 50 cc one, but I have some ideas in mind with it,” he jokes.

Does the profile of a gregarious cyclist go even more unnoticed in the amateur field? “It can go unnoticed in general. One example might be Benjamin Noval, my director for two years as a junior and for seasons a subordinate rider to Lance Armstrong or Alberto Contador. You could spend 100 kilometres shooting day after day, an invisible job for the finish line cameras and many times for the coverage of the live broadcast itself, if you entered 70 or 80 from the finish line,” he reflects.

As for what he expects from the season, Segovia is confident that there will be moments when he can shine more individually. “I’m sure I’ll have opportunities, although it may not be in stages so to speak ‘queens’. But it will be in stages where I can get involved in escapes, where a small group can arrive, a cut… situations in which you have to be and know how to take advantage”.

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