Unfortunate on the way to Figueruela de Arriba

News · 13 July, 2018

XXXV Vuelta a Zamora
Stage 3: Rabano – Figueruela de Arriba (129.3 km).

A fateful day for the interests of Polartec-Kometa U23 in the Vuelta a Zamora. The breakdowns and the falls frustrated the initial bet of the Madrid formation to fight for the stage victory. In the end, none of the riders in the front group, where the victory was played in this third stage, with Jesús Ángel Nanclares (Cortizo) being the fastest of nine cyclists, and where the change of leadership was born, which went behind Oscar González (Superfroiz). This Friday, the stage reigns and the final stage is high on the ramps of up to 20% of Hedroso. No team member is in the top ten.

The stage, very repechera, with several scoring ports and many roads from which they choke, went well for the team until, midway through it, Jonny Martí Bennassar suffers a puncture. In his attempt to return to the pack he ends up hitting another team’s car with no consequences, which makes him laugh again at the same moment when John Stiven Ramirez also plays in front.  Two major assets outside the group just before one of the ports, where the escape would take place and where the Polartec-Kometa would have no representation.

Alicante’s Jorge Pastor, riding with Francisco García Rus, would try to reach the head of the race. They would caress him, but a puncture of the leader until today ends up frustrating that attempt. Then, with 40 kilometres opr ahead, a lot of team work at the head of the pack, pulling away to try to neutralize and cause some other formation to be encouraged in the work. Little success in calling for shared efforts. They would, however, be very close to being able to hunt, but the difference eventually multiplied.

Rafa Díaz Justo, director: “After yesterday’s victory, it was clear that in the general standings there have to be circumstances and situations for us to have options and, while waiting, we have to focus on the day to day and the search for partial wins. You can’t put a single “but” on the team. You’ve worked very well. But cycling is like that and sometimes things come so crooked that you can’t straighten them out.

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