The success of reaching the last round of the Spanish Cup with mathematical options in the general classification

News · 12 May, 2018

XX Gran Premio Macario
Alcalá de Henares-Alcalá de Henares (155.3 km)

The Spanish Elite and U-23 Cup closes its 2018 edition on Sunday with the 20th edition of the GP Macario of Alcalá de Henares and a cyclist from Polartec-Kometa is still in the race with mathematical options to win the title. A feasible possibility, according to the numbers, but really difficult because of the tournament so far and the complexity of the combinations needed. A difficulty that makes it a success per se the fact that the Sevillian Juan Pedro Lopez has arrived in these conditions to the event in Madrid. A López who, in this way, also won the victory in the Murcia Trofeo Guerrita. It cannot be an edition of the Cup with a negative reading for the Polartec-Kometa U23.

López is one of those three cyclists who still have this option in their hands. But it’s got a lot of chimera in it. It’s a very difficult thing because of a question of points. The leader, Antonio Soto (Lizarte) from Murcia, has been caressing the title for a couple of races. Relying on his team, with great regularity, the elite title is virtually his and he only needs one top-ten, whatever his other two rivals do. Not even the Pucelan Jesús Arozamena (Aldro), second place and leader of the U23 general classification, seriously threatens him. Only numbers fuel other people’s choices that go through cabalas and unwanted misfortunes. In the case of López, the Andalusian from Polartec-Kometa needs Soto out of the race and Arozamena to finish far from the first ones.

The Madrid event, another classic of the tournament, an increasingly common epilogue of the same, does not present an at all friendly route. Quite the contrary. The steps through Loranca, Pezuela and Torres, this one on three occasions, will certainly encourage the development of the race. The village of the old university, including an incursion through the lands of Alcarria, is not flat at all. In addition to López, Sergio García, José Antonio García, Sergio Hernández, Joan Martí Bennassar, Hugo Sampedro and Portugal’s Daniel Viegas are also in charge of a Polartec-Kometa side that will be looking for a victory in the Cervantes square. The speed of José Antonio García is always a plus.

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