The Kometa Cycling Team in San Pelaio revolutionises a Bizkaia Saria in which Carlos García is now fourth

News · 8 June, 2019

Bizkaia Saria 2019
Txuma / Erandio-Erandio Memorial (132 km)

New great performance of Carlos García in the Memorial Txuma, the second scoring event of the Bizkaia Saria. The Kometa Cycling Team rider from Madrid finished sixth after riding at the forefront of the race for a good part of the day. García was riding with Ibon Ruiz and Jordi López, the three cyclists who led the race in the last six thousand metres, but he gave in on the last ramps of the climb to Goikolanda, with five kilometres still ahead, and ended up gobbled up by a persecuting trio. In the goal of Erandio Ibon Ruiz was imposed, new leader of the test after the cession of time until this Saturday Carmelo Urbano. Garcia finished 37 seconds from the winner.

In a very hard race, almost 2,500 meters of positive difference in level in a route with many non-scoring climbs, the Kometa Cycling Team committed itself to revolutionize the day. More than sixty kilometres from the finish line, on the ascent to San Pelaio, Edu Pérez-Landaluce and Carlos García were to blame for the escape of seven cyclists that was key and fundamental for the resolution of the race. Tres Cantos attacked, followed by the Asturian and his start was the trigger of the pulse of the day. The perfect storm.

Pérez-Landaluce and García, from the Kometa, Ander del Castaño (Baqué), Pelayo Sánchez (Gomur), the Norwegian Soren Andersson Svensli (Dare) and the ‘Lizarte’ Jordi López and Ibon Ruiz formed a very solid escape where the Navarre squad and the Alberto Contador Foundation’s U23 team made their double presence count with a good understanding that allowed consolidating up to 40 seconds of advantage while the leader, behind, he was left without equipment and filmed clinging to the work of the Norwegian Dare, with no less interests in the general. Kilometres and kilometres of pulse between runaways and pursuers.

Imperial in the work Pérez-Landaluce, that ended up losing contact for lack of 36 kilometers after having supported Garcia in a very complicated terrain, with many climbs; the contribution of the Asturian was fundamental in the consolidation of the advantage of a leak that would not stop losing members until in the decisive phase of the test three runners were left in charge.

The first edition of the Bizkaia Saria concludes this Sunday with the celebration of the Sagasti Memorial, with start and finish in Mungia and a route of 137 in which Ibon Ruiz starts with 2 seconds advantage over the Norwegian Adne Holter, 18 over Kiko Galván and 37 over Carlos García, who wins four positions for the decisive and final day.

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