The Challenge Vuelta a Sevilla, for José Antonio García

News · 22 July, 2018

XIII Challenge Vuelta a la Provincia de Sevilla
XVIII Clásica Velá de Triana, Seville-Seville (111.5 km)

The sweet moment of the Granadino José Antonio García continues. The fast man from the Polartec-Kometa U23 won that Sunday in the Clásica Velá de Triana, second and last race of the Challenge Vuelta a Sevilla 2018. A win that, as an additional prize, catapulted him into the overall final of the race.

García, fourth on Saturday in the Clásica de Santa Ana de Dos Hermanas, prolonged the good moment that began during the last Vuelta a Zamora, in which he conquered two stages. The Fuente Vaqueros rider took advantage of all the work done during the day by the Polartec-Kometa U23 in order to maintain their options.

A day marked by a very high speed (the final average was over 43 km/h) in which the Madrid formation was very attentive to the escape attempts that took place in the early stages. Daniele Cantoni, first, Alejandro Ropero and Hugo Sampedro, later, became involved in some of the escapes that were taking place at the same time as the main platoon made several cuts; one of them delayed the leader, the Venezuelan Leangel Linarez (Kuota).

José Antonio García: “Today the truth is that the team has been perfect. We started with the idea of breaking up the race and eliminating the leader and we have done so, in collaboration with a couple of teams, and the truth is that we did well. Face to face, we’ve been monitoring. The sprint has been super launched because people were ahead, I threw it at 300 meters, a little long, but in the end we were able to catch it, we were able to win the stage and take the race. I’m very happy with the result, but even more so with the team who have been scary.

Rafa Díaz Justo, team director: “José is in a great moment. Yesterday he didn’t have it so easy to prove it, but today he does. Linarez was a bone that could be uncomfortable, because he is a pure sprinter, so we had to try to eliminate him in the most repechera area. Extremadura, Mutua, Gspor and we took the tempo of the race and then kept the pace alive so the race didn’t go crazy. A rhythm that allowed us to more or less keep all the breaks under control”.

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