David Andrle

Age 19
Height (cm) 170
Weight (kg) 61


David is the son of René Andrle, a professional cyclist between 1999 and 2008 who developed a good part of his sports career in Spain with the teams Once and Liberty Seguros. “I have few memories of when my father was a professional cyclist. Since I was 4 years old he always took me to do sports. I started playing hockey, which was very popular in my country, and then I ended up changing to cycling, because it is a sport that I love. My father is always helping me to be a better rider, he points out the mistakes I make, tells me how to correct them and points out how the riders who are in the elite do it”. Asked about the competition that most appeals to him, whether as a sportsman or a spectator, the young Andrlé explains: “I really enjoy the great cycling classics of the north, the Paris-Roubaix or the De Ronde. And of course the Grand Tours are incredible, three weeks of hard cycling.  However, the race that most attracts my attention is the Milan-Sanremo. You never know if someone will attack on the climb to the Poggio or if there will be a sprint at the end. I always find the race entertaining”.


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