Arturo Grávalos

Age 22
Height (cm) 185
Weight (kg) 72


Although it is widely believed that he is an Aragonese rider, Grávalos is Navarrese by birth and has grown up in La Rioja, where he lives. The rider arrived last season on the Kometa Cycling Team, the last step up from when he began to practice this sport. Originally, however, he started in swimming. From the swimming pool he jumped to the world of triathlon in the hands of the Huesca La Magia club, where he remained until his campaign as a second year cadet. During this time, the bicycle was gaining weight in his daily life, but the consolidation of his preeminence came because some training partners saw him still much room for improvement. It is at the time he moves to the junior category that he focuses specifically on road cycling. In 2019, in his first year with the Foundation, he was forced to finish the season earlier than planned due to a traffic accident in which he injured his left hand and had to go into surgery. In 2020 he completes his fourth season as u23 player.


    • 2nd / Spanish Championship u23 route
    • 2nd / Stage 3 Vuelta a Zamora
    • 6th / Spanish Championship u23 CRI
    • 18th / Stage 3 Giro d'Italia
    • 65th / General final Giro d'Italia
  • 2018
    • 9th / Navarre Championship
    • 10th / 15th Ereñoko Udala Sari Nagusia
    • 12th / Spanish Touring Championship

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