News · 16 June, 2019

Arturo Grávalos, a very outstanding performance in the hardest stage of the ‘sterrato’

42º Giro d´Italia Giovani Under 23 Stage 3: Sesto Fiorentino – Gaiole in Chianti (145,5 km) Five sections of unpaved roads, the famous strade bianche of Tuscany, emerged this Sunday as the great challenge for the platoon of a Giro Baby that experienced a small revolution in the general, with the rise to leadership (after…

News · 16 June, 2019

The best images of the 2nd stage of the Giro d´Italia u23

News · 15 June, 2019

Of good sensations and a couple of falls without consequences in the longest stage of the Giro Baby

42º Giro d´Italia Giovani Under 23 Stage 2: Bagno di Romagna – Pescia (173.6 km) A new victory for British cycling in the Giro Baby, another day crossed out and closer to the mountains. The ‘pink corsa of the future’ faced its longest stage, a complicated journey from the beginning, due to the location of…

News · 15 June, 2019

The best images of the 1st stage of the Giro d´Italia U23

News · 14 June, 2019

A very noticeable reaction to the cut generated by a fall in the antechamber of the Passo delle Forche

42º Giro d´Italia Giovani Under 23 Stage 1: Riccione – Santa Sofia (143.2 km) British Ethan Hayter reinforced his provisional leadership at the head of the Giro Baby after winning the first online stage of this year’s edition on Friday. A hot day where the temperature made its dent in the cyclists. The member of…

News · 14 June, 2019

The best images of the prologue of the Giro d’Italia U23

📸 Andrew Peat / Massimo Fulgenci

News · 13 June, 2019

The ‘five’ of the Kometa saves without incidences a prologue for explosive riders with British triumph

42º Giro d´Italia Giovani Under 23 Prologue: Riccione-Riccione (3,3 km CRI) It was 18.21 in the afternoon when Arturo Grávalos began his career in the present edition of the Giro d’Italia sub213. The rider from La Rioja was the first of the five riders of the Kometa Cycling Team to start his participation in the…

News · 11 June, 2019

Alejandro Ropero, after the Peace Race: “Facing the Nationals I will come great the rhythm that was here”

This Sunday ended the last international journey of Alejandro Ropero from Granada, who was making his debut in a call of the selection for the De Ronde and has just completed his third experience with Spain at the hands of the team that took part in the mythical Carrera de la Paz in the Czech…

News · 10 June, 2019

Sterrato, double pass through Mortirolo, final in La Marmolada… The Kometa Cycling Team sub23, before the experience of a severe Giro Baby  

42º Giro d´Italia Giovani Under 23 From 13 to 23 June Recovered in 2017 after a period of four years without being disputed, the historically known as Giro Baby, or GiroBio, has been consolidated in the blink of an eye as the stage where the riders who will be, in one way or another, the…

News · 9 June, 2019

Carlos García touches the podium in the final general of the Bizkaia Saria: “We keep learning”

Bizkaia Saria 2019 Sagasti Memorial / Mungia-Mungia (116 km) The Kometa Cycling Team is leaving this first edition of Bizkaia Saria, a very firm organizational bet to recover the spirit of the late Bira, with the fourth place in the final overall of Carlos Garcia (37 seconds from the winner) and third place in the…

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