News · 27 March, 2020

Álex Martín, a cyclist with a lot of future and a past with appearances in commercials and the world of cinema

The dream of all amateur riders is to reach professionalism and Alex Martin’s case is not exceptional. To compete in a Tour, a Giro or a Vuelta, perhaps one of the five Monuments, would be a dream come true. Martín, a rider who faces his second year in the u23 category, has a great future…

News · 12 March, 2020

The RFEC suspends all national competitions for two weeks as a result of the coronavirus

17th Aiztondo Klasika March 15: Asteasu – Zizurkil (143.5 km) The Aiztondo Klasika is adjourned sine die. The third round of the 2020 Spanish Cup, scheduled to take place on Sunday 15 March, will not be held as a result of the preventive measures, containment and recommendations set to stop the spread of the coronavirus…

News · 11 March, 2020

“With the new route that they have designed, Aiztondo will surely become even harder”

17th Aiztondo Klasika March 15: Asteasu – Zizurkil (143.5 km) The Copa de España is looking north and doing so with a renewed edition of the Aiztondo Klasika. The Aiztondo Klasika is a new edition of the Spanish Cup, which has been overtaken by circumstances, as the traffic regulating authorities explained the difficulty, from a…

News · 8 March, 2020

David Martín finishes eighth in a ‘Guerrita’ where Álex Martín suffers due a crash

29º Trofeo Guerrita Alcantarilla-Alcantarilla (168 km) David Martín, eighth, was the first rider of the Kometa-Xstra Cycling Team U23 in a frenetic edition of the Guerrita Trophy in which the passage through the Alto de la Perdiz and Alto de Gebas formed a leading group of thirty-five units that were going to play the victory…

News · 6 March, 2020

📸 Circuito del Guadiana

News · 4 March, 2020

The Guerrita and its passage through the Sierra de Espuña examine a strength

29th Guerrita Trophy March 8th: Alcantarilla-Alcantarilla (168 km) With the satisfaction of the great collective work deployed in Extremadura, three cyclists in the top-10, two in the top-5 and the pin of leadership of Alex Martín in the category u23 of the Cup of Spain, there is much desire for competition within the Kometa-Xstra u23…

News · 1 March, 2020

Álex Martín, second in the Circuit of the Guadiana and in front of the general u23 of the Spanish Cup

54th Circuito del Guadiana Don Benito – Don Benito (174.4 km) Second place for the Barcelona Álex Martín and fourth for the Pucelan Vicente Hernaiz in the Alonso Martín de Don Benito Avenue, goal of an edition of the Guadiana Circuit in which the last ascent to the village of Magacela was fundamental. There, the…

News · 27 February, 2020

“The Circuito del Guadiana of Don Benito is always a mystery for being the first appointment of the Cup of Spain”

54th Circuito del Guadiana 1st March: Don Benito – Don Benito (174.4 km) A fundamental test in the calendar, an already classic appointment to open the Spanish Cup. The Circuito del Guadiana of Don Benito (Badajoz) returns for another year to host the opening shot of the Spanish Cup. And it does so in a…

News · 23 February, 2020

David Martín repeats his victory in the sprint and takes the overall final of the Sanroma de Almagro Memorial

XXI Sanroma Memorial Almagro-Almagro (145 km) The Andalusian David Martin extended the sweet start of the season of the Kometa-Xstra Cycling Team u23 with a new victory to the sprint in the second stage of the Memorial Sanroma 2020. The cyclist from Mairena de Aljarafe completed his full victory, and his victory in the final…

News · 22 February, 2020

Andalusian David Martin sets the pace on the first day of the Sanroma Memorial

XXI Memorial Sanroma Almagro-Almagro (105 km) Second day of competition, second victory for the u23 structure of the Alberto Contador Foundation in a sweet start to the campaign. David Martín from Seville made his debut in the year’s list of winners by imposing his speedy top in the first day of the Sanroma Memorial, a…

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