24 June, 2017

Canton and Sevilla, spectacular gold and bronze medals in the Spanish Championship

The Polartec-Alberto Contador Foundation riders were the great winners of the Road Spanish Championship, where they won the Gold and Bronze medals thanks to Isaac Cantón and Diego Pablo Sevilla, who dominated a very tactical end of the race against great rivals, especially Álvaro Cuadros (silver) and Fernando Barceló (fourth), both also grown up in the Contador Foundation. Isaac Canton […]

23 May, 2017

Sevilla won in Vuelta a Jaén and good work of Polartec in France

It was an intense week for the Polartec U-23, which sent the team to two simultaneus stage races, the Route of the Castles and Battles in Jaén, and the Ronde de L’Isard in France. The balance of the riders of Rafa Diaz Justo and Gorka Beloki was excellent thanks to the stage victory achieved in […]

2 May, 2017

Sevilla got a solo win in the tough race of Lazkao

Diego Pablo Sevilla culminated with a nice victory in Lazkao the last performances of the Polartec Under-23, that week after week showed the progression of its riders, more and more closer to the podium