Álex Martín, a cyclist with a lot of future and a past with appearances in commercials

News · 27 March, 2020

The dream of all amateur riders is to reach professionalism and Alex Martin’s case is not exceptional. To compete in a Tour, a Giro or a Vuelta, perhaps one of the five Monuments, would be a dream come true. Martín, a rider who faces his second year in the u23 category, has a great future ahead of him.

In his first year in the category already he left samples of quality, with very good performances in two races of great level and not little exigency as the Bidasoa Itzulia or the Vuelta a Navarra. And this season 2020 began it with a great performance in the Circuit of the Guadiana that was worth him the provisional leadership of the Spanish Cup in the category u23. A strong fall in the Guerrita Trophy, one week later, deprived him of adding points. And the postponement of all sporting competitions due to the coronavirus pandemic has stopped all competition.

Alex Martín’s worth is already evident, but in these days of uncertainty and health emergencies we want to take advantage of them to propose a more sympathetic, kinder approach to his increasingly distant interpretative facet. As a child, the Catalan participated in several television commercials and also made a foray into film.

“It all started when he was five or six years old. My sister Sara used to do theatre and at some point she started to participate in commercials. I wanted to try it out too. So little by little I began to enter the world with some casting. And from then on, I was called in to do some things,” Martín recalls. “The truth is that I really liked it, I had a great time with the other kids shooting. Although it is also true that sometimes it was hard, because there were shots that were repeated many times”.

The Premià de Mar cyclist participated in spots for important companies in the hypermarket sector, dairy companies, medicines and even chocolates. In the world of cinema he had his great moment in the film El gran Vázquez, directed by the Barcelonian director Óscar Aibar and released in September 2010. “He was only in one scene, with Santiago Segura, but I played like his son,” he smiles.

Already in 2011 Álex Martín began to practice cycling with the evolution that has led him to the structure of the U23 of the Alberto Contador Foundation. First in the mountain bike, a world where he intensified his commitment since 2012 getting his first competitive license. Later he would end up trying road biking, alternating both modalities and evolving a lot with the Mollet Cycling Club.

“One of the last ads I did was for a brand of chocolates. From then on I stopped liking the chocolates for a good season, what I ate there during the shooting and what I ate afterwards, with the boxes they gave us”, he jokes.

In 2017, after passing through the Selection Campus as a first year junior, he was chosen to join the team directed by Guillermo Gutiérrez. And in 2018 he signed a remarkable season with victories in the overall final of the Vuelta al Besaya, the Tour de l’Ain or the Challenge to Talavera de la Reina, in addition to many other partial successes.

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