Alessio Acco, among those called for a maxi concentration in Emilia-Romagna

News · 7 July, 2020

In the face of unforeseen circumstances, exceptional solutions. This is how they proposed the month of July within the Italian Cycling Federation, where they devised a great concentration of competitions for half a thousand cyclists, men and women, from different categories and disciplines. An idea conceived, among others, by the coach Davide Cassani (born in Faenza) and the club Nuova Ciclistica Placci 2013, organizer among other events of the Giro d’Italia u23, which will be held in the Imola circuit.

The Kometa-Xstra U23 rider Alessio Acco will be one of the participants in this experience whose premise is a simple but really effective idea: to try to group together junior, U23 or even elite riders in the same area in a month of keeping different smaller events spread all over the country.

The events will take place between Friday 17 and Thursday 30 July. In this period, as far as Acco is concerned, there will be nine days of competition. On the 17th there will be a time trial at Imola and with the racetrack as the centre of operations two more road races will be organised on the 18th and 19th; races in which the track that already served as the venue for the 1968 World Championships will play a major role. It will not be the only one, as the nearby motorways of Forli and Faenza will also host sporting events.

On Saturday 25th, the U23 will compete in Faenza and the next day, Sunday 26th, it will be the turn of the Fratelli Anelli Trophy in Sant’Ermete, near the famous holiday resort of Rimini. A week later, between 28th and 30th July, the first edition of the Giro di Romagna per Dante Alighieri will make its debut on the roads, a new U23 event that will have stages in Ravenna, Santa Sofia and Gatteo a Mare.

“For me this initiative is a great opportunity, even more in a year and in a season as strange as this one”, Alessio Acco points out. “This cycle that is coming up now is another of my important goals for the year. It has come in an unexpected way, but it is a huge source of motivation for the resumption of the season. I am very motivated and more eager, especially after all the uncertainty generated by circumstances that we obviously cannot control, on the one hand, and by the fact of competing with the national team, on the other. Racing with the national team is always a goal for many cyclists”.

“It’s a huge privilege to be part of the Italian team for these tests. It’s a great opportunity to get results, to learn new things, to get to know other ways of competing… This is also my first call for the U23 team,” concluded the Italian.

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