“50 Tour de Bretagne” RH +/POLARTEC faces its third participation eager to fight

News · 22 April, 2016

For the third consecutive year, the U23 team of Alberto Contador Foundation, will run from April 25 the Tour de Bretagne, “the toughest race of our calendar along with the Aosta Valley”, as qualifies it calls Rafa Diaz Justo, RH +/POLARTEC sport director, which considers that the course of this year, celebrating the 50th edition of the race, “is especially demanding, but that favors our riders, because there are not so many sprint finals”.

Bretagne“This year we go again with a very young team, but we have three veterans in very good shape”, continues Diaz Justo. “Diego Pablo Sevilla and Juan Camacho arrive after having been running races of the World Cup with the Spanish National Team and have a perfect preparation for this race. Meanwhile, Diego Noriega is the oldest of all and knows very well the race, which will ride for third time. He has already shown that, despite being a climber, performs very well in the field of Brittany and can take advantage of the hardness of this edition”.

RH +/POLARTEC will take the start with high expectations. “We have the illusion of finishing in the top ten overall and, why not, if the circumstances are ok, fight for victory at one stage”, says Rafa Diaz Justo, who does not forget his younger riders. “The team is completed by three riders of first year, but I hope they will adapt well and learn a lot from this experience. For us, the Tour de Bretagne is a great school, is a race that marks and gives a bonus of learning. It is essential in the program of Alberto Contador Foundation and the proof is that through it, a climber as Diego Noriega is now one of the best riders in the team that better performs when there is wind”.

To Fran Contador, manager of RH+/POLARTEC, the third appearance of Alberto Contador Foundation is also special. “This year we go with a very clear idea, because we know well the race and that’s a point in our favor. We have confidence trust and I hope curdle the best participation of all”.

“Of all the calendar, the Tour de Bretagne is that we face with more respect, because our team is basically of climbers and these courses are not the most beneficial to us, but we have riders that have been doing races of these characteristics and they have performed quite well, so this week can do it very well”.

Diego NoriegaDiego Noriega: “I’m going with a special illusion”

“Last year I crashed on the penultimate stage when I was 15 and that bummed me the overall”,” begins remembering Diego Noriega after one of the last training before traveling to France. “This year I go with a special illusion, because the finishes are uphill and that’s much better for me, the race will be more selective and can be more differences”, he adds.

You could say that Diego Noriega is already a regular in this tour, he has participated in the two previous editions and returns for a third year to this hard, but also spectacular territory, with the confidence that gives have performed satisfactorily when the race gets hard, the wind blows, it rains and there is no mercy for anyone. “I arrive in a good moment, I had sought a peak of form in recent races of Spanish Cup and now I feel quite well,” he says. “I’m a climber, but as they are long stages, with many walls and wind, I can defend well.”

If to this we add the knowledge of the terrain, Diego expects a lot from this race. “We already know what race it is and how to ride it. Rafa (Diaz Justo) has sought a team according to the place we go and want to do well. The previous two years we came just to participate, but this one’s different”.

(Automatic translation. Forgive inaccuracies).

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